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Dec 10 2012

New White Paper Highlights Under-Recognized Issues, Paths to Reaching One-Third of U.S. Health Care Consumers

Cross-Cultural Competency in U.S. Health Care, a new white paper issued by Global Advertising Strategies and Prime Access suggests a roadmap on how to pursue culturally competent interaction collectively and individually among our diverse masses of patients.

Among the topics addressed in Cross-Cultural Competency in U.S. Health Care, are these:

  • how to explore the particular social and cultural factors that can affect individual patients
  • the special factors that are often overlooked in developing effective connectivity with women, the health caretakers of the family
  • the constant low-grade stress that can affect the health of multicultural individuals
  • why communication around prevention is particularly relevant for multicultural audiences, where youth predominates
  • the special health issues, both chronic and acute, of people of color and how their changing cultural assimilation can influence their approach to healthcare
  • the lifelong influence of social class and education among people of color, even when these advance over the course of lifetime
  • why starting slowly and building staged outreach to diverse patient segments makes sense
  • proven models  that have effectively prompted patient behavior change, at the micro level, and also successfully captured the attention of policymakers, from a macro perspective

To download the white paper, visit the Insights section of our website.