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Feb 16 2015

Global Advertising Strategies wraps up an integrated campaign for the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Global Advertising Strategies has wrapped up yet another successful integrated campaign for its long-term Travel and Tourism client Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The digital campaign’s objective was to increase traffic to a recently revamped website The website highlights special offerings from the client’s selected travel partners. The primary goal of the campaign was to boost online bookings for Thailand Tourism from the North American market with a focus on specific DMAs.

To accomplish that, the agency developed two sets of creative assets to reach baby boomers based on their purpose of travel: adventure seekers, beach enthusiasts, as well as those seeking new destinations for health, fitness and medical tourism.

The team deployed a comprehensive strategy utilizing the latest innovative Big Data programmatic marketing tools in the travel marketplace. The tactics enhanced the campaign beyond retargeting, look-a-like modeling and audience measurement building, allowing to contextually target desired audience to ensure relevancy by harnessing demographic, interest, lifestyle and behavioral attributes while reaching high-value prospects across display and social media platforms.

The campaign strategy has proved to be highly efficient, delivering an ROI of 1:4 as well as aggregating first and third party data to provide extensive insights into the best performing audiences, informing concurrent and future Thailand Tourism campaigns.