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Oct 24 2012

Global and Prime Access Share Cross-Cultural Marketing Insights at the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Meeting

The newly-expanded cross-cultural marketing agency has joined a panel of healthcare experts at the upcoming Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) meeting dedicated to reaching diverse patient audiences. Angela Walker Campbell, VP Executive Creative Director at Prime Access, will share the agency’s thought leadership and best practices on engaging with Hispanic, African-American, Asian American, and LGBT healthcare consumers.

Angela will be joined by Randi Norfleet, Director of Strategy, Parchem Fine & Specialty Chemicals and a former Brand Manager for Daiichi Sankyo. The panel, held at the Sanofi US offices, will be moderated by Sheila Thorne, President & CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group LLC.

The panel will focus on key demographic and marketing trends that relate to healthcare specifically. Learning objectives include:

  • What multicultural marketing is and is not – replace myths about multicultural marketing with knowledge about significant historical issues and current trends
  • Impacts of new healthcare legislation on audience and marketing strategies to a diverse demographic
  • Present possibilities of how to approach embarking on a strategy that truly results in a mind-shift
  • Case studies of other companies successes and challenge

For more information on the event– and to register — visit their site.