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Oct 23 2013

Global Launches MoveWithUs for Lufthansa Airlines

Global Advertising Strategies, a subsidiary of the 9.8 Group holding company, launched a new campaign for Lufthansa Airlines aimed at the South Asian population in the United States. MoveWithUs is an integrated initiative that incorporates digital, social, user-generated content, PR, and television elements.The concept is built around participants submitting videos of themselves dancing or exploring various forms of Indian dance. The dancer behind one lucky video will win a round-trip ticket to India on Lufthansa Airlines. Many others will be eligible for special prizes provided by the airline.

MoveWithUs continues Lufthansa’s long-standing dedication to the South Asian market in the United States and around the world. Every year, they have launched dedicated initiatives to honor the rich heritage of and engage with the South Asian traveler on a more personal level. In the past, Lufthansa has worked with Global Advertising Strategies on campaigns that celebrated Indian cuisine, Bollywood, cricket, and chai (tea) traditions, among many others.

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